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Most skip companies will keep this stuff to themselves, but here at Quicker Skips we like to help our customers get the most out of their skip hire! The team have compiled a list of ways you can make money to pay for your skip hire and here we will tell you some of the most common places the Quicker Skips team have found valuables in skips.

Honest Skip Hire Company Finds Bag of Cash! That was us!

Mark Hanson of Quicker Skips of Burnley who found a bag full of money in rubbish collected. (see article here)

You may have seen in recent news that one of the Quicker Skips Team found a large amount of cash in one of the skips we collected and as a responsible, trustworthy, Skip Hire company we would like to give you the heads up on where to look before disposing of your goods.

Sometimes in life we are given the daunting tasks of emptying a loved one’s house. It’s a task most of us don’t want to do and when we are called upon to do it, we often just want to get it over with as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately we don’t take that extra bit of time to thoroughly check what we are discarding.

Every skip that comes back into our transfer station is thoroughly examined to aid us to recycle as much material as possible.



Whilst we carry out this process we come across items that I am sure if the owner had known about would have kept them. It may be a bonus for us but you’ve already paid us for the skip. As with all skip companies once the skip has been collected ownership of its contents are transferred to the skip company. So here are the places we have commonly found valuables.

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List of places skip companies find money.

1. (clothing)

we have all done it put a jacket on we have not worn for a while and found that £10 we had forgotten about. This is also a place where the older generation feel happy stashing a bit of cash.

2 (Record sleeves)

not that many of us still have these but we have in the past found cash tucked in there.

3 (Purses/bags)

may seem daft that someone would throw a purse with something left in it, but this is the place we find jewellery and gold. At a glance you may think there is nothing in it, but is worth checking all the pockets as we have found rings necklaces and other items of value.

4 (furniture)

check those settees/chairs get a knife out and slash the back you never know what’s been stuffed down there for all those years.

5 (dressers and sideboards)

you will be surprised how many people open a drawer have a quick glance and just throw it in a skip. Have a closer look there may be old coins, gold, foreign currency who knows. It may not be of great value but it may get you £10-£20 and I am sure you would all like to pay less for your skips, so why throw money away.

6 (piggy banks)

This always gets me why these are thrown away with money in. People must earn to much these days or be embarrassed to spend copper. But did you know most banks now have coin counting machines, just fill a bag up take it down to your local bank throw it in the machine and hey presto it’s in your account.

So that’s just a few places where we have found valuables. What about you? what’s your biggest find? and where was it?.

We would love to hear your stories so please leave a comment.

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