Guide to Recycling at Christmas!

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Recycling Your Christmas Decorations

Overindulgence, fun, games and family “it must be Christmas”. After the festivities the norm returns and this means that you’re left with a lot of unwanted items and rubbish.

Most people will dispose of all the excess by either running to the local tip several times or trying to squeeze as much as possible into their bins.

Skip hire is always a great idea for those things you just can’t fit in your regular bin – but before you do that, we at Quicker Skips have some handy suggestions for you to dispose of your Christmas rubbish with the minimum amount of impact on the environment.

Recycle Your Paper and Cardboard

Recycle Cardboard and Paper at ChristmasWe all use wrapping paper at Christmas, but as a nation, we use 227,000 miles of it each year! 

Besides trying to use less of it in the first place, once Christmas is over it never hurts to stack any unused rolls away for use later on. It could even save you valuable hours in the Christmas rush come December next year.

Recycling Christmas Cards

Meanwhile, any used wrapping paper from the big day itself can be gathered up and disposed of as normal in your paper and cardboard recycling bin.

Christmas Card recyclingThis is also a handy way to dispose of your Christmas cards, just in case you have any stacked around the house.

But there’s another option too – for the last few years,            Marks & Spencer have been amongst the many British retailers continuing a scheme initially set up by the Woodland Trust.

Between the 2nd and the 31st of January, you can drop your cards into your local M&S store and for every 1000 cards recycled, they’ll plant a tree.

Since 2012 more than 32 million cards have been collected and 32,000 trees have been planted. We need this sort of help from businesses – as well as the public of course – to make sure we can keep our countryside beautiful and wildlife-rich into the future.

Find out more about the scheme here: M&S Christmas Card Recycling Scheme

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Light Up Someone Else’s Life!

The UK throws away about 500 tonnes of Christmas lights each year – and some of them are in perfect working order.

Instead of simply throwing your Christmas lights out once the festive season is over, if they still work you’ll probably find that there’s plenty of good homes for them.

Charity shops are always on the lookout for good Christmas lights once the rush is over, or – looking closer to home – they could be used as mood lighting in your garden.

On the other hand, if they’re totally broken, simply take them to your local recycling centre.

Depositing them in the Waste Electricals section will mean that they’re processed and separated into their component pieces: plastic, metal and glass, all of which can then be used to make other products elsewhere.

Planning to get a real Christmas tree this year?

Well if you live in Burnley borough make it a New Year’s resolution to make sure your real tree gets recycled. All you have to do is put your tree out for collection by 6.30am on Monday 16th January and Burnley Council’s contractors will come along and take it away.

There’s no need to book a collection – just make sure the tree is out at the usual collection point for your recyclables. The trees will be recycled and used as compost.

Don’t forget, you can also recycle all the cans, bottles, paper and cards once all the festivities are over.

The more rubbish that’s recycled, the less your wheelie bin will fill up and the less that has to go to landfill.



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