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Skip hire tips for the responsible disposal of waste:

At Quicker Skips, it is our duty to ensure you get the most information possible when you are considering a skip hire service. To save your time & money and get the most out of your skip hire in Burnley, we have put together this small tips list.

Challenges people face when looking for skip hire:


What size skip do I need ?

This is a question we get asked the most at Quicker Skips and is the most challenging question to answer for our team over the phone. That is why our team of waste disposal experts have put together a visual guide on the most popular skip sizes we have to offer.

What waste types can I dispose of ?

We can dispose of most kinds of waste here at Quicker Skips, including but not limited to; wood, soil, hardcore, plastic, light metals, fabrics, glass, plaster/rubble, household waste & building waste. See our skip hire guide for more items we can dispose of.

What items are banned from skips ?

Unfortunately not all waste can be received at the quicker skips transfer station. The reason for this is, we are a non hazardous waste receiver.

Items banned from our quicker skips include but aren’t limited to, Tv’s, monitors, asbestos, batteries, tyres, medical waste, Flourescent tubes, gas bottles/cylinders, solvents, fuels. You can view more skip hire banned items on our skip hire guide page.

How much rubbish or waste will fit into each skip size ?

Quicker skips have various skip sizes available for hire. Our most popular skip sizes are our 2 yard, 4 yard & 8 yard skips.

The 2 yard mini-skip has enough room for approximately 4 wheelie bins full of waste or between 15 – 20 bin bags.

The 4 yard midi-skip can fit approximately 8 wheelie bins full of waste or 30 – 40 bin bags.

Our 8 yard builders skips have enough room for 16 wheelie bins full of waste or between 70 – 80 bin bags of waste.

For images of our skip sizes, please see our skip sizes page.



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How much notice do I need to give when hiring a skip ?

It’s always best to pre book your skip but we have set ourselves a president by calling ourselves ‘Quicker Skips’ and pride ourselves on providing the quickest, affordable skip hire service around.

We try to collect & deliver customer skips within 24 hours of booking and we can provide a Skip express service for customers who are on a tight schedule.

How long can I hire a skip for ?

Standard skip hire is 2 weeks here at quicker skips. You can hire the skip for longer for a small fee or have it collected sooner. All you have to do is call our friendly team in the office to make extentions on your skip hire or book your collection in sooner.

Here’s a few tips on how to load your skip: 

When customers go through the order process, we try to be as informative as possible in guiding you towards hiring the right skip for you.

Those who have hired skips before will know about the strict rules in place for overloading and over filling the skips above the fill line (top of the skip)

Many don’t understand the hazards & dangers that can be caused by not abiding by these safety rules.

If skips are over loaded, it may cause the gross vehicle weight to be over its maximum legal weight limit for the road.

If skips are filled above the fill line, loose items and debris can spill onto the road causing accidents or injury to pedestrians or other vehicles on the road.

We understand customers would like value for money, however safety comes first and after all, you wouldn’t try to fit 2 pints into one pint glass would you? 

All jokes aside, the seriousness of these safety points being over looked can lead to our drivers incurring points, fines, losing their license but worst of all, cause harm to the public or other road users.

All of our drivers have been trained to refuse unsafe loads and additional charges may be incurred if a repeat visit is required to collect your skip.

Example of an over loaded skip

Example of an under loaded skip

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