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Staying Safe When Hiring A Skip

Skip Hire Safety has a capital S here at Quicker Skips. We endeavour to maintain safe practices and ensure the physical health of everyone hiring and using our skips. In order to help we’ve gathered a few pointers for you and hopefully this will help you to stay safe when hiring a skip.

Be Prepared For Your Skip’s Arrival

Before your skip arrives designate an area for it in advance. The area needed will depend on the size of the skip you require, you will need a flat and stable area that’s free from obstructions. If it’s on your drive, you’ll need to make sure there are not any parked cars in the way. We would recommend putting down some flat wooden planks this should help to minimise the risk of damage to your driveway.

Please note: Quicker Skips do not accept responsibility for damage to drains, driveways and overhead cables once out vehicle leaves the public Highway, so make sure you are happy your driveway is constructed well enough to take the weight of a 17ton lorry.

If you are placing you skip on soft ground (ie: garden or lawn) we suggest you adopt the same preparation and place some flat wooden planks down. This stops your skip from sinking into the ground, which can happen quite easily as they start to fill up. If your skip is on the public Highway – like the road outside, it’s best to make sure that we’re aware in advance. Some areas might require extra safety equipment, such as hazard lights to warn other road user that a skip is there.

It’s worth noting that a skip hire permit is definitely going to be necessary if this is case we can arrange one for you.

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When Your Skip Arrives

When your skip is delivered, we’d recommend that all children and pets are kept indoors. Dogs especially have been known to run out behind reversing vehicles, and we would be mortified if your pet was harmed. Once we have place your skip it is important you don’t move it, as this can be dangerous due to its size and weight.

Trying to do so after we have placed it down can damage the skip, your property and more importantly yourself. Moving your skip can also make it impossible for us to collect it at the end of the hire, especially as it’s more than likely been completely filled.

Load Your Skip Responsibly.

That means don’t just throw stuff in from a distance, especially if it’s heavy. It sounds like common sense but you’d be surprised at how many people do it. As a rule it’s a bad idea to have any object flying through the air especially if its breakable, if it smashes on the floor you’re going to end up having to sweep up a lot of the pieces and put them in the skip carefully anyway. If its not breakable then you could be in serious trouble if you hit something or someone. Throwing things can also damage your back. This is something you’ll want to watch out for when lifting things into your skip, remember to bend your knees and lift with your legs, so as to avoid putting too much weight and tension on your spine.

If an object is too heavy, get somebody to help you. don’t forget to ask for help. See the HSE Manual Handling guide for more information on how to lift properly.

Don’t forget about our Dig ‘N’ Shift it service where we do all the lifting for you!

Above all, make sure you haven’t put any hazardous objects in the skip. The rules are strict when it comes to waste disposal and if there’s hazardous waste in your skip we may refuse to take it. It’s not that we dont want to, it’s because there are specific rules in place for dealing with certain types of hazardous waste (like medical or chemical objects), so you’ll need to go down those routes instead. Doing it the right way is far safer for you, and safer for us. More information on Hazardous Waste can be found at the Environment Agency website.

Finally, DON’T overfill your skip.

There’s a very minor bit of leeway allowed, but generally what’s in it shouldn’t be stacked higher than the edges of the skip. Doing so makes it unstable and therefore dangerous for us and other road users. Not only would it be unsafe for us to remove it, but we’re actually forbidden by law. Thankfully it’s reasonably easy to avoid this scenario, all you have to do is make sure you have the right size skip. If you are unsure, visit our skip size guide. They’re not tricky measures by any degree, but these few simple steps will guarantee your safety when hiring a skip. If you’re all ready to do so, just fill in our enquiry form or call 01282 932 471 and hire a skip today.

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